Are you a scientist who can’t believe Christianity because you’ve been told you’ll have to accept a six-thousand-year-old Earth and deny evolution? Are you a Christian who’s bewildered by all the evidence for evolution and worried that it challenges your faith? If so, this site is for you.

I’ve been a practicing Christian since the age of 16, and an active academic palaeontologist for the last decade. Whatever people on either side may tell you (Richard Dawkins, Ken Ham) there is no contradiction between these things. My mission is to explain why.

Comment policy

Every page on this site is open to comments, because I like to discuss things. Comments are not moderated before posting, but may be removed subsequently if necessary. I want to have a liberal commenting policy where everything but spam and personal abuse is acceptable; we’ll start off that way, and see whether we need to add more rules as we go along.


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