Coming soon: Malmesbury Abbey Holy Week festival (Wednesday 16th April 2014)

Next Wednesday at 7:30pm, it’ll be my pleasure and privilege to do a Q&A session at Malmesbury Abbey‘s Holy Week festival. (See also this Facebook page.)


Malmesbury Abbey is a particularly beautiful venue, with quite a history — it was founded in AD 776. More importantly, it’s a really friendly venue. When I did a similar session for the 2012 Holy Week festival, it was one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever done.

Here’s what this year’s brochure says:

In 2012 Dr Mike Taylor sat in the Abbey and talked about the two dinosaurs he had recently discovered and named: Xenoposeidon (alien earthquake god) and Brontomerus (thunder thighs). If you were there, you won’t have forgotten a brilliant evening too quickly. Well, the dinosaur man is back, to answer our questions and to mess with a few heads as he holds evolution, dinosaurs, God and the Bible effortlessly together. As well as his scholarly publications, Mike has written about palaeontology in the Guardian, the Telegraph and Christianity magazine, and much more extensively on the nerd-blog Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week ( We will revisit the God & Dinosaurs question, and we’ll also get a chance to hear about his latest research, based at the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol, on sauropods and their very impressive necks — see above. The café and bar are open; come early to get a seat and submit a question. Admission Free.

Assuming it runs on the same lines as in 2012, we’ll run the session largely from questions collected from the audience before we start. I’ll give a short overview of who I am and what I work on, and then Neil Archer will start to ask me questions from the harvested selection. When we’ve worked through those, we’ll take questions from the floor.

Should be a great evening!


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