Recordings: Malmesbury Abbey Holy Week festival (Wednesday 16th April 2014)

Sorry that it’s taken so long since the Holy Week Festival to get hold of the recordings. But here they are at last!


The first half is a fairly structured interview by the vicar of Malmesbury Abbey, Neill Archer, and it runs 53:17:

The second half is unfortunately truncated: a big slice was omitted from the beginning, and the remainder runs only 20:05. It’s a moderated Q&A with questions from audience members chosen by Neill Archer.

For the first part of the talk, I use a slide deck to illustrate what I’m saying about sauropods. Here are the slides: Malmesbury2014-MikeTaylor

About ten minutes into the talk, I play a video about Brontomerus (“Thunder thighs”). Here is that video:

I hope you enjoy these recordings: they and the slides are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC By), which means they’re free to listen to, download, reuse and remix provided only that you credit me. (UCL made the video, and I’m not sure what terms it’s provided under.)



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